Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Socks Store

Part of Fledge Sverige AB

Reg. No. 559135-3387 and VAT Reg. No.: SE559135338701(Sweden)


At Socks Store (Parent Company - Fledge Sverige AB; Reg. Number 559135-3387 and VAT Reg. Number: SE559135338701), we know how important it is to have a short delivery time. Therefore, we promise to send your order within two business days. As soon as the order is confirmed, the customer will receive a confirmation notification via email with the invoice and details of orders with a tracking number. Customers can now trace the package. A copy of the tracking number will also be sent to the mobile as an SMS. Therefore, we recommend that customers always provide their mobile numbers when shopping from the Socks Store web store. Then the customer will have the opportunity to track this package until it reaches the delivery address. We use Swedish postal services within Sweden and DHL outside for address outside of Sweden to deliver our goods. When this package arrives at the nearest pick-up point,  the customer will receive an SMS with information about the packaging and the address from where the customer can collect it. We usually try to reply to the message in one hour. But during busy hours or weekends, it can take up to 10 hours. Customers are always welcome to visit the store if they want to meet someone physically responsible.

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Södra Långebergsgatan 20

43632 Askim



All prices are determined by Socks Store. A binding agreement between you (Age must be over 18 years) as a customer and sock store. When the customer places an order, then the order has to be approved by Socks Store. Socks Store will send you a confirmation via e-mail when an order has been received, and the delivery is on the way. The customer can only buy products from the Socks Store online store as a private person (Age must be over 18 years). Not a corporate customer.


Prices and payment

All prices are including VAT and other expenses. The current tax rate is written in the Socks Store online store for the product. Socks Store has the opportunities to change prices and other costs, for example, due to changes in the tax rate and additional expenses, increased costs, or as a result of median customer price trends based in Sweden. All prices for the products include 25% moms. At checkout, the customer can see how much they pay, including moms and exclusive moms. No matter if the customer buys from outside of Sweden, but as a customer, you have to pay 25% moms.

If we are unable to deliver within the agreed time, the customer will be immediately informed about the cause of the delay and the information about the new delivery time. The consumer then has the right to cancel the purchase at no cost if the product is not delivered on time. 


In Sweden, we always offer to pick up from the store option. All purchases over 350kr/35EUR/350DKK from the website are always delivered free of charge. Customers can also pay for the delivery if the purchase amount is below 350kr/35EUR/350DKK. Socksstore sells products only to customers from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, GERMANY, and UNITED KINGDOM. If someone places orders from outside these four countries, the order will be canceled automatically. Even if the customer from the outside of these countries sees orders and pays for the product, the order will be canceled and the money refunded. Since we have no supply agreement outside these countries right now, we are trying to make our products outside these countries.
Swedish post service called PostNord delivers all products. Postnord generally takes two working days to deliver the product in Sweden and four working days to deliver in Finland, Norway, Germany, UK, and Denmark. This time is calculated according to the reasonable condition, but if there are natural disasters or other political problems or any customs issue, it may take longer than the usual estimated time. In this case, Socksstore will notify the customer by e-mail with full information about the delay.
As soon as customers order, send a confirmation email immediately. When the product is registered for the delivery, the notification and delivery information is sent via e-mail. The customer can contact Socksstore's customer service via e-mail to get the status of their purchases. In this case, the customer must mention the unique order number. We always ask our customers to fill in the address form correctly so that we can deliver the goods on time.


Return Policy

The customer must notify us of the right of withdrawal within 14 days.

The customer is always entitled to return the product. Although the product is open from the package. But we still request the customer not to use the product if the product is incorrect or if the customer does not agree to recive the product. The customer can always return the product within fourteen days from the days the customer notified us to use the rights to receive a full refund, but if the product does not return in time or the product is broken, used or washed, Socksstore can deduct from the refund, a so-called value reduction deduction of up to 100% of the value of the product. It depends entirely on the condition of the product; when received by Socksstore from the customer.

Socksstore will not pay for return shipping unless the product is incorrect from the start. Socksstore does not allow a return if the product is washed. If the product is defective or the box is broken, we recommend that you do not use the product, we also recommend to the customer to return the product immediately and inform Socksstore for free return shipping. Return of the product is acceptable when the customer can no longer use the product or does not want to use the product, or the product does not resemble when it was purchased, or the product is not identical to the one described on the Socksstore website. It may be the size of the product or the color of the product. The customer must enter the order number, full name when returning. The customer must, after notifying us and within 14 days of the notification, return the undone product to us.

Consumer Agency's cancellation form. https://publikationer.konsumentverket.se/kontrakt-och-mallar/angerblankett


To return the product, the customer must register the return for Socksstore in 14 days. As soon as Socksstore receives the report on the arrival of a product, Socksstore will arrange a refund of money within 14 days. The repayment of the payment takes place in the same way as the customer made the payment when the customer purchased the goods. At Socksstore, we use Klarna as our payment method. So if the customer takes some extra benefits from Klarna, Socksstore is not responsible for it. Socksstore only reimburses the money paid for the product and the delivery cost. If there are any other fees paid by the customer during the payment period which belongs to the product purchase and paid to the socksstore(not to the 3rd party), Socksstore will also refund the fees. However, if the fees are not linked to Socksstore, Socksstore is not responsible for the reimbursement of these fees. But Socksstore always reimburses the product cost, shipping cost, and any expenses.
If the products are incorrect from the start, Socksstore pays for return shipping. Customers can provide more detailed information about reporting the defective product. Customers always need to email and write the order information in more detail if they want to return any product.

Complaint & Seller's Warranty

If the goods are defective, Socksstore applies the applicable consumer legislation. If the customers are not satisfied with your products due to visible material or manufacturing defects, including damages that have occurred during transport - please inform us as soon as possible by using the pre-printed return form and return the item to us. The customer has three years of right to a claim for original errors. The customer must report the error to us within a reasonable time, which is always two months from the time the error was discovered or should have been discovered.

Socksstore always provides a sales guarantee to its customers. This warranty covers the defective product from the beginning of product damage during shipment, or the product material is not satisfactory. Regarding the product warranty, the customer can take up to two months to claim the product. In this case, Socksstore will reimburse both product cost and shipping cost. If any return of the product is needed, Socksstore always pays for the return.

To cancel the order

Before the deadline for the return period ends, the customers need to send the goods back to the Socks Store. For safety, customer should save the purchase receipt from the post office or similar, which refers to the shipment. You must mention if you want the same product or a refund of your money. If you choose a refund, you will not be refunded for the shipping costs. When Socks Store replaces the product, the corresponding products are shipped within three business days. If the product is not in stock, then your money wants to be refunded.


Please return the goods to:


 Södra Långebergsgatan 20

 436 32 Askim


 Email: info@socksstore.se


Confidentiality policy

Socks Store is committed to protecting your privacy when using our service,s. We have therefore developed a policy for handling your personal information. and protected. However, please be aware that the content may change, so you are encouraged to read it when you visit our website next time.


Personal Information

We take responsibility for all personal information - such as name, address, E-mail, telephone number, date of birth, etc. - which you specify to us or when we register for SocksStore, order a directory, subscribe to our newsletter or create a personal account at Socks Store. The parent company - Fledge Sverige AB (559135-3387) - is responsible for all personal data and privacy regarding your personal information, in accordance with the Personal Data Act (1998: 204) and EU Directive 95/46 / EC, for the data stored in Sweden.


What do we use your personal information for?

By entering your information, you consent to us using your information to carry out our engagements to you and to provide you with the service you expect. It can be about delivery of your products you have ordered, send parcel delivery report via an SMS, do credit check, send information about Socks Store and other promotional offers. To give you relevant offers and information, we can analyze your information. If problems occur when we deliver products to you, we would like to use your contact information to get in touch with you. Your information will only be stored with us as long as it is required for us to perform our services or as far as required by law.


Who has access to the information?

We never share / send / sell / distribute your third party information for advertising purposes. SocksStore will forward your addresses to suppliers / transporters / postal services in connection with the transport. However, Socks Store can share your information with credit card issuers, as well as debt collection companies for credit checks, identity checks, credit monitoring and debt collection.


Card and invoice purchases with Klarna

In order to make as safe a short purchase as possible with us, all information is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This means that the information is via a secure connection, regarding your credit information, and cannot be read by third parties. All your card purchases will be processed by Klarna. All card transactions are based on the banks' 3D security technology and 128-bit encryption. The interface development environment and support technology is Microsoft. NET.

Säkra tjänster

Vi använder oss av ett teknologisk avancerat säkerhetssystem. Lika viltigt är de administrativa faktorer för att försäkra betalingar online. Våra Klarna, Paypal och Swish är ett exempel på hur vi skapar en säker e-handel för våra kunder.



En cookie är en liten textfil som sparas för att underlätta ditt nästa besök hos oss. SocksStore använder sig också av cookies för att förbättra och förenkla ditt besök. Vi använder inte cookies till att spara personlig information eller till att offentliggöra upggifter till tredjepart.



Innehållet av denna hemsida är under copyright och tilhör Socks Store.



Vad vi samlar in

Vi får samla in följande information:

  • namn
  • kontaktinformation inklusive e-postadress
  • Demografisk information som postnummer, preferenser och intressen
  • annan information som är relevant för kundundersökningar och / eller erbjudanden

För den uttömmande listan över cookies vi samlar, se listan över cookies vi samlar in avsnittet.


Vad vi gör med informationen vi samlar

Vi behöver denna information för att förstå dina behov och ge dig en bättre service, och särskilt av följande skäl:

  • Intern registrering.
  • Vi kan använda informationen för att förbättra våra produkter och tjänster.
  • Vi kan regelbundet skicka marknadsföringsemail om nya produkter, specialerbjudanden eller annan information som vi tycker att du kan hitta intressanta med hjälp av den emailadress du har angett.
  • Från tid till annan kan vi också använda din information för att kontakta dig för marknadsundersökningsändamål. Vi kan kontakta dig via e-post, telefon, fax eller mail. Vi kan använda informationen för att anpassa webbplatsen enligt dina intressen.



Vi är fast beslutna att se till att din information är säker. För att förhindra obehörig åtkomst eller avslöjande har vi infört lämpliga fysiska, elektroniska och ledande procedurer för att skydda och säkra den information vi samlar in på nätet.


Hur vi använder cookies

En cookie är en liten fil som ber om tillåtelse att placeras på datorns hårddisk. När du är överens, läggs filen till och kakan hjälper till att analysera webbtrafik eller låter dig veta när du besöker en viss webbplats. Cookies tillåter webbapplikationer att svara på dig som individ. Webapplikationen kan skräddarsy sin verksamhet till dina behov, gillar och ogillar, genom att samla och komma ihåg information om dina preferenser.

Vi använder trafikloggkakor för att identifiera vilka sidor som används. Det hjälper oss att analysera data om webbsidor och förbättra vår hemsida för att skräddarsy den efter kundens behov. Vi använder endast denna information för statistiska analysändamål och sedan tas data bort från systemet.

Sammantaget hjälper cookies oss att ge dig en bättre webbplats, genom att vi kan övervaka vilka sidor du tycker är användbara och vilka du inte gör. En cookie ger oss inte tillgång till din dator eller någon information om dig, annat än de uppgifter du väljer att dela med oss. Du kan välja att acceptera eller avvisa cookies. De flesta webbläsare accepterar automatiskt cookies, men du kan vanligtvis ändra din webbläsarinställning för att avvisa cookies om du föredrar det. Detta kan förhindra att du utnyttjar webbplatsen fullt ut.


Länkar till andra webbplatser

Vår webbplats kan innehålla länkar till andra intressanta webbplatser. Men när du har använt dessa länkar för att lämna vår webbplats, bör du notera att vi inte har någon kontroll över den andra webbplatsen. Därför kan vi inte ansvara för skyddet och integriteten av all information som du tillhandahåller när du besöker sådana webbplatser och sådana webbplatser regleras inte av denna sekretesspolicy. Du bör vara försiktig och titta på sekretesspolicyen som gäller för webbplatsen i fråga.


Styr din personliga information

Du kan välja att begränsa insamlingen eller användningen av din personliga information på följande sätt:

  • när du blir ombedd att fylla i ett formulär på webbplatsen, leta efter rutan som du kan klicka för att indikera att du inte vill att informationen ska användas av någon för direkt marknadsföring
  • om du tidigare har kommit överens om att du använder din personliga information för direktmarknadsföring, kan du när som helst ändra dig genom att skriva till eller maila oss på https://socksstore.se/index.php/admin/cms_wysiwyg/directive/___directive / e3tjb25maWcgcGF0aD0idHJhbnNfZW1haWwvaWRlbnRfZ2VuZXJhbC9lbWFpbCJ9fQ ,, / nyckel / 1c338d4f6468cee5c8a8fcc762b7b40b /

Vi säljer inte, distribuerar eller hyr ut din personliga information till tredje part såvida vi inte har ditt tillstånd eller enligt lag krävs för att göra det. Vi kan använda din personliga information för att skicka dig marknadsföringsinformation om tredje part som vi tycker kan vara intressanta om du berättar att du önskar att detta ska hända.

Du kan begära uppgifter om personlig information som vi håller om dig enligt lagen om dataskydd 1998. En liten avgift kommer att betalas. Om du vill ha en kopia av informationen på dig, skriv till .

Om du tror att någon information vi håller på dig är felaktig eller ofullständig, skriv till eller maila oss så snart som möjligt på ovanstående adress. Vi kommer omedelbart att korrigera information som visat sig vara felaktig.


Lista över cookies vi samlar in

Tabellen nedan visar de cookies vi samlar in och vilken information de lagrar.

COOKIE nameCOOKIE Description
CARTThe association with your shopping cart.
CATEGORY_INFOStores the category info on the page, that allows to display pages more quickly.
COMPAREThe items that you have in the Compare Products list.
CURRENCYYour preferred currency
CUSTOMERAn encrypted version of your customer id with the store.
CUSTOMER_AUTHAn indicator if you are currently logged into the store.
CUSTOMER_INFOAn encrypted version of the customer group you belong to.
CUSTOMER_SEGMENT_IDSStores the Customer Segment ID
EXTERNAL_NO_CACHEA flag, which indicates whether caching is disabled or not.
FRONTENDYou sesssion ID on the server.
GUEST-VIEWAllows guests to edit their orders.
LAST_CATEGORYThe last category you visited.
LAST_PRODUCTThe most recent product you have viewed.
NEWMESSAGEIndicates whether a new message has been received.
NO_CACHEIndicates whether it is allowed to use cache.
PERSISTENT_SHOPPING_CARTA link to information about your cart and viewing history if you have asked the site.
POLLThe ID of any polls you have recently voted in.
POLLNInformation on what polls you have voted on.
RECENTLYCOMPAREDThe items that you have recently compared.
STFInformation on products you have emailed to friends.
STOREThe store view or language you have selected.
USER_ALLOWED_SAVE_COOKIEIndicates whether a customer allowed to use cookies.
VIEWED_PRODUCT_IDSThe products that you have recently viewed.
WISHLISTAn encrypted list of products added to your Wishlist.
WISHLIST_CNTThe number of items in your Wishlist.